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Maxima Oil SYN ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid

Product Code: 49-02901
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Price: $10.99

Oil Type: Synthetic

Viscosity: 30W

Volume: 1 qt.

Quantity: Sold individually.




Maxima Oil SYN ATF is specifically formulated to perform in automatic racing transmissions under high-torque, high-horsepower conditions. The fully synthetic formula with technologically advanced anti-wear and extreme pressure additives protects the transmission in high-stress environments. Advanced anti-foam agents minimize air entrapment in the oil and protect critical transmission components at higher speeds seen in racing conditions. Maxima Oil SYN ATF exhibits excellent wetting properties enabling increased heat transfer and lowering overall operating temperatures. Superior additive package is oxidative and thermally stable--inhibiting the formation of lacquer, varnish, and harmful deposits--ensuring clean, trouble-free operation. No-slip formula offers positive shift engagement and reduces clutch drag. Special additives help to minimize clutch burn-in time, aiding in the overall reduction of operating temperatures. Ideal frictional properties help to eliminate wear, while providing smooth, positive shifts in high-stress, high-load environments.

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