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Joe Gibbs Driven XP0 Synthetic Racing Motor Oil

Product Code: 00406
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Weight: 3.00lb
Dimensions: 0.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in

Price: $16.99

Oil Type: Synthetic

Oil Weight: 0W

ZDDP Enhanced: No

Oil Volume: 1 qt.

Quantity: Sold individually.




Joe Gibbs Driven XP0 synthetic racing motor oil is used by Joe Gibbs Racing for qualifying in their restrictor plate engines. It utilizes ultra-low viscosity synthetic base oils for maximum horsepower during qualifying conditions. The oil uses anti-wear and friction-reducing additives to fight valvetrain wear and is compatible with methanol and high-octane race fuels.


Racing applications include:


* Pro-Stock cars and bikes

* Competition Eliminator 

* Heads Up Class competition 

* Quarter midgets

* 4-stroke go-kart engines with babbit-style bearings

* Low temperature, tight clearance, low RA surface finish drag race engines

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