Joe Gibbs Driven Joe Gibbs Driven Carb Defender Fuel Additive Fuel System Additive, Carb Defender, 8.0 oz., Each.. Product #: 70040 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $9.99 $9.99 1

Joe Gibbs Driven Carb Defender Fuel Additive

Product Code: 70040
Availability: 1
Weight: 3.00lb
Dimensions: 0.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in

Price: $9.99

Fuel System Additive Type: Fuel catalyst

Gallons of Fuel Treated: 25

Oxygen Sensor Safe: Yes

Volume: 8 oz.




Joe Gibbs Driven Carb Defender fuel additive utilizes special corrosion inhibitors to prevent costly repairs and poor performance caused by Ethanol blended gasoline and the moisture it attracts. It also restores performance and protects carburetors from performance-robbing deposits. The additive is designed for the unique needs of carbureted classic and performance vehicles that spend much of their lives in storage between cruises and special events.

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