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MSD Power Grid 7 Ignition Boxes 7720

Brand: MSD
Product Code: 7720
Availability: 1
Weight: 6.00lb
Dimensions: 0.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in

Price: $524.99

Ignition Box Output: Capacitive discharge

Circuitry: Digital

Rev Limiter: Yes

Timing Retard: Five-stage

Data Acquisition: Yes

CD Voltage Output to Coil: 545-570 V

Current Draw: 1.3 amps per 1,000 rpm

Spark Output (millijoules): 200-220 Millijoules

Minimum Operating Voltage: 12 V

Maximum Operating Voltage: 18 V

Length (in): 7.500 in.

Height (in): 2.250 in.

Width (in): 5.000 in.

Ignition Box Color: Black

Coil Included: No

MSD offers these Power Grid 7 ignition boxes as part of the Power Grid 7 ignition system. These ignition boxes pack higher output than other current programmable units. When used with the Power Grid 7 system controller, these USB-compatible boxes offer advanced programming for ultimate control over your rpm and timing. They provide five retard stages for nitrous and four steps of rpm limits for burnouts, spool, launch, and overrev. MSD Power Grid 7 ignition boxes' output switch can be set on rpm, pressure, or time. Power Grid 7 ignition boxes have shift light settings for each gear, and the ignition data acquisition accepts multiple runs.

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